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Color Corrugated Carton Printers: The Efficient Powerhouse of the Printing New Era

As efficiency and flexibility are the keys to success for enterprises, in the field of packaging printing, the emergence of color corrugated carton printers has undoubtedly brought about a revolutionary change to the industry. First, Fast and Efficient to Meet Your Urgent Demands Color corrugated carton printers stand out with their astonishing speed. In the […]

Can coffee burlap bags be printed by digital printer?

Generally speaking, coffee burlap bags are capable of being printed by means of digital printers.  The field of digital printing technology has witnessed significant advancement, facilitating the printing of a wide range of designs and patterns on diverse materials, among which burlap is included. This provides an opportunity for coffee producers or brands to customize […]

Printing Hollow Patterns on Paper Cup Fans

To print hollow patterns on paper cup slices, the following steps can be adhered to: 1. Devise the pattern: Utilize image design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create or modify the hollow pattern that you desire to print. Ensure that the margins of the pattern are distinct and there are no overly […]

Infinite Creativity, Deliciousness and Environmental Protection Combined – The Charming Journey of Pizza Box and Meal Box Printing

 Pizza box and meal box printing technology is an innovative process that applies digital printing technology to the production of pizza boxes and meal boxes. It can directly print various exquisite patterns, texts, photos, etc. on the meal boxes, making the meal boxes more personalized and beautified. Compared with traditional printing methods, pizza box and […]

High-Speed Carton Printer: Revolutionizing the Printing Industry!

The high-speed carton printer is an extraordinary piece of equipment tailored specifically for carton printing. Here are its remarkable features: Blazing-fast Efficiency: It boasts an astonishing printing speed, capable of achieving a printing speed of 20 meters pictures per minute, effortlessly meeting the demands of high-volume production in factories. Eliminate the Need for Plate Making: It can […]

The Marvelous High-Speed Printer for Paper Cup Pieces

In the world of printing technology, there is a remarkable device that stands out for its efficiency and precision – the high-speed printer for paper cup pieces. This blog is dedicated to exploring the incredible features and benefits that this printer brings to the table. Let’s start by highlighting the extraordinary speed of this printer. […]

Different patisserie boxes printed by KMBYC Single pass printer.

‘Patisseries’ normally seen as ‘birthday cake’ ‘cake with cream”small cakes’ etc. in our local market, which is now very popular in young and meddle-age generations. As part of the generation, I’d like to enjoy a small piece of cake when I feel happy, I’d also like to have a large pic of cream cake when […]

What is a single pass printer?

A single pass printer is a type of printer that is designed to print all colors in a single pass of the print head. In traditional inkjet printers, multiple passes are required to lay down one by one separately, which can slow down the printing process. However, in a single pass printer, the print head […]

One pass printer

what is one pass printer? One pass printer is a type of printer that can print all colors in a single pass of the print head. This means that instead of multiple passes, where each color is printed separately, a one pass printer can print all colors at once, resulting in faster printing times and […]