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Different patisserie boxes printed by KMBYC Single pass printer.

‘Patisseries’ normally seen as ‘birthday cake’ ‘cake with cream”small cakes’ etc. in our local market, which is now very popular in young and meddle-age generations. As part of the generation, I’d like to enjoy a small piece of cake when I feel happy, I’d also like to have a large pic of cream cake when I feel upset because the sweetness of the cream makes me feel better. When there’s something need to celebrate, I’d like to buy a cake as part of the celebration, when I invited by a friend, I’d always brought a cake with me as a gift. Now we can see that ‘patisseries’ become significant in a normal person’s life.

As a customer, package is one of the important issues which influence my choices. Package with beautiful design deliver a good image of the product itself and can makes the cake looks better and attractive. Now more and more cake shop needs their customization packages with their logo and special designs, for exmaple seasonal products, new flavours, IP-cobranding etc. all of those need to order for a certain volume, not a lot but still a number.

Traditional printing factories don’t like this. They need patterns to do the numerous printings, design change then patterns need to be re-do. What is the solution? The answer is a BYC168-Z series single pass printer.

With BYC168-Z single pass printers, you can print whatever pictures you want even just ONE. Change the design anytime with any of the printings depends on your needs. Flexible operation greatly reduces costs, even a small shop can afford for regular design changes without any further pattern-made costs.

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