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High-Speed Carton Printer: Revolutionizing the Printing Industry!

The high-speed carton printer is an extraordinary piece of equipment tailored specifically for carton printing. Here are its remarkable features:

Blazing-fast Efficiency: It boasts an astonishing printing speed, capable of achieving a printing speed of 20 meters pictures per minute, effortlessly meeting the demands of high-volume production in factories.

Eliminate the Need for Plate Making: It can print on a diverse range of carton materials, such as corrugated paper and white cardboard. What’s more, any printing content can be instantaneously formed with a single operation, ensuring swift and seamless printing.

Cost-effective Solution: With a four-color configuration, one liter of ink can be utilized to fully print an area of 120-150 square meters. The printing cost for a single carton is incredibly reasonable, ranging from just a few cents to a little over a dime.

User-friendly Operation: This printer offers a plethora of functions. Not only can it print on cartons, but it can also handle printing on various types of paper bags with ease.

Exceptional Print Quality: Thanks to continuous technological advancements, the printing effect rivals that of traditional high-definition ink printing, delivering outstanding results.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace this revolutionary high-speed carton printer and take your printing operations to new heights!

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