Cards are easy to be print by the printers.

Flat print

Any flat objects can be print at will.

Cases & Boxes

Can print on object with height.

Embossed effect available.

Can print on object with height.


Customized decorations can be printed.

Variable printings

Colors and white combined with different orders.


Can print small, medium to large size cylinders.

Rotary printing.

With rotary trays, cylinders can be print in 360 degrees.

Classic A3+ size flatbed printer

A3+ size printer is the key model of KMBYC printer series which could be tracked back from 2003.

Popular A1+ flatbed printer

BYC168-6090 series printers are the best seller since launched on 2017. There are about thousands of this model has been sold all over the world.  

Full large format printer

Naturally vacuum bed with multi-head module makes combination easier and wider.

Single pass fast speed printer

Print up to 60 meters full color pictures in ONE minute, good choice for high productive factory. 

We focus on innovation and at the same time focus on protecting intellectual property.

Professional flatbed printer since 2003. 

Strong R&D with self-developed control system makes printers easy to operate. 

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