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We Are Trusted by More Than 2000+ Clients

 With more than 20 years of development we now have our own R&D centre in both Shanghai and Shenzhen, and mainly focus on high-resolution printings.

Our machines are extensively used in diverse industries. They exert a significant role in various domains, offering dependable solutions. Ranging from the manufacturing sector to the service sectors, our products are relied upon and favorable comments .


Throughout the years, we have steadfastly concentrated on innovation and development. We firmly hold that innovation constitutes the impetus for advancement. It incites us to explore novel concepts, breach traditional confines, and continuously seek out innovative solutions. 


Their multifariousness and quality render them essential, facilitating enterprises to operate more effectively and attain superior outcomes.

We start to produce the flatbed printers in 2001 and make to be the first in this area as our target.

Our customers are all around the world and we have built long-term cooperations with customers in more than 33 countries. 

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Focus On R&D

We focus on R&D all to enhance our product



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