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What is a single pass printer?

A single pass printer is a type of printer that is designed to print all colors in a single pass of the print head.

In traditional inkjet printers, multiple passes are required to lay down one by one separately, which can slow down the printing process. However, in a single pass printer, the print head contains multiple ink nozzles for each color, allowing it to apply all colors simultaneously as the printing media moves through the printer.

Single pass printers are known for their speed and efficiency, making them suitable for high-volume printing applications such as commercial printing, packaging, label printing, and large format printing. They are often used in industries where fast turnaround times and high-quality prints are essential.

These printers typically use advanced printing technologies such as inkjet or digital printing, and they can produce high-resolution prints with vibrant colors and sharp details. Single-pass printing technology has revolutionized the printing industry by significantly increasing productivity and reducing printing costs.

When customers who would like to print above 10,000 pieces materials, the more effective choice is a single pass printer.The standard single pass machine we now selling can print 20 meters picture in one minute, which can significantly improve customer productivity。

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