High-end large size resolution printer

Spot Varnish Printing availability for glossy diamond effect and matte print finish.

Fast conversion from flat printing to cylindrical printing with  360 degrees rotary

Direct printing on light, dark and transparent materials

Optimal for printing on both rigid and flexible substrates

Suitable for Braille Printing 

Ideal for printing high definition pictures, portrait, detailed decorations, attentive gifts etc.

custom bottle & cylindrical printing,  candle printing to more 


larger than A1

  • Printing size 600*900mm  (A1 size 841*mm)
  • Printing height 10mm 
  • Higher resolutions, accurate positioning. 



Latest ink pump system

Super stable ink mat and heads seal technology, all nozzles of head will be full of ink only by pump ONE second, save your ink, protect your print head as well.

Continuous Ink supply and white ink stirring system.

Equipped with the continuous ink supply system to lift the productivity to a high level, allow long-time printing without pause. Automatically stirring white ink tank avoiding. the block of print head and save >30% inks, protect print head at the same time.

Low noise Cable Carrier

Brand cable carrier which suitable for high speed movement with low noise and minimize the damaging hence to extend the lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost for whole machine. 

Mute Linear guide rail

All linear guide rail in machines are all well-known brand products. We insist maintenance friendly design in single machine quality check in every step.

Advanced printing mode


Utilize white ink as an under base for exceptional embossing and unique custom-textured effects. Varnish offers a similar look as lamination, but it’s much cheaper with good gloss effect. Meantime, the finished print is more durable, scratch-resistant and wash fast. 


Based on KMBYC original eco-UV ink and advanced technology, 6090 can simultaneously print color inks+ white ink+ color inks on substrates like transparent glass, acrylic, film for a unique design. Bring a totally new vision feast. 


Printing Specifications

Printing speed

Printing technology

Printing resolutions

Max. 10mins for 60*90cm full size printing




Ink type

Ink color

UV ink *

C M Y K W V *

Working environment 

PC operation system

WIndows 7/ Windows 10

Data transfer

USD 2.0


AC 110/220 V (Adjustable)

Temperature and humidity 

Temperature 10°-35°C (50°-95°);Humidity 20%-80%

Note: *parts are changeable with different usage. Contact sales for more information. 

Package shipping

Package size

Packaged weight


Product original 



Plywood cases


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