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The difference between Ricoh print head and Epson print head

In recent years, as the development technology of UV printers has matured.Therefore, there are more and more models and manufacturers of UV flatbed printers, and various types of print head have appeared on the market.When we buy a machine, what we want to know most is which machine prints best and has the longest life.Today, I will tell you about the difference between the Ricoh G5 print head and the Epson print head that have entered the market in the past two years.

At present, Ricoh has launched two generations of print head, namely Ricoh G4 and G5  print head.Both are 4-8 gray level Ricoh all stainless steel internal heating industrial micro-piezo  print head.Ricoh G4 print head can print only one color, while Ricoh G5 print head can print white color two colors, which is more accurate than Epson print head in printing effect, because its print head is eight colors, and Ricoh G5 The print head is a two-color or two-color.Of course, the printing effect of the two different print head can be seen. Compared with Epson's Ricoh print head, the Ricoh UV flatbed printer is not inferior.Both prints are very fine and uniform, without drawing and excessively natural.

Although Epson print head are the highest in print accuracy in the industry, they are slow to print and have a short life. The life span of Epson print head is generally 8-10 months, but some customers only use 3-5 months. There are certain reasons for this. You can summarize the following two points:

First: the print head is not well maintained.

Second: the secondary encryption print head used. Epson manufacturers prevent other countries from using their print head to modify machines, using secondary encryption technology. The secondary encrypted print head can be used for a relatively short period of time. The Epson print head is made of ABS material, and the print head is not so good in corrosion resistance and fluency.

Compared with the Epson print head, the Ricoh G5 print head is corrosion-resistant because it has a constant temperature and circuit insulation system, which is not affected by the viscosity of the ink temperature, is not easily affected by the working environment, and is suitable for various inks, and the printed image is clear. The ink is smooth. Stable work, high cost performance, very suitable for long-term work, good maintenance and maintenance in daily work, the service life can be up to 3-5 years.

Last but not least, the print head is the core of the entire UV flatbed printer. Regardless of the type of print head, it is important to pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance. This is the most important, most important and most important place for us to use UV flatbed printers.


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