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Introduction to the development and characteristics of digital direct injection printers

As the country promotes green environmental protection, the traditional textile printing industry is slowly transforming into digital printing. The automatic intelligent digital printing machine quickly enters the market with the advantages of rapid proofing, high precision, green environmental protection, and no need to make plates to save the cost of printing and dyeing companies. Digital printing has become the trend of the development of printing and dyeing enterprises in the future.

China's textile printing industry is now very competitive, processing prices are falling, and profits are getting less and less. Coupled with the country's emphasis on environmental protection, digital printing machines ushered in an outbreak. Digital printing technology is a combination of modern computer technology and traditional textile technology, and is an innovative technology for textile printing. With the use of digital printing machines, it will greatly improve the work efficiency of printing and dyeing enterprises, reduce production costs, and meet the standards of green environmental protection.

Digital printing machine features:

1. Simple and convenient operation No need for plate making and repeated coloring process, the operation is simple and easy to maintain;

2, fast printing speed, low input cost, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production;

3, high-precision perfect printing The special high-efficiency ink provided by our company makes the output image vivid and achieves photo quality. Image waterproof / sunscreen, wear resistant, never fade.

4, printing format Equipment models are complete, printing format is wide, which has become a "money machine" in many industries.

5, using a continuous ink supply system to add ink is convenient, while reducing printing costs.

6, ultra-low printing costs, compared to the existing traditional printing, can save more than 80% of the cost.

Digital printing advantages compared to traditional printing and dyeing processes:

1. The production process of digital printing greatly shortens the original process route, and the ordering speed is fast, and the proofing cost is greatly reduced.

2, the principle of digital printing technology makes its products break the traditional production of color and flower length limit, can make textile fabrics achieve high-end printing printing effect, there is no print pattern is limited by the length of "flower back".

3, digital printing production has truly achieved a small batch, fast response production process, production batches are not subject to any restrictions.

4, high-precision printing process so that the printing process does not use water without color paste.

According to the survey, digital printing currently accounts for 30% in Europe, while China only accounts for 1.5%, which is still in its infancy. With the advancement of ideas and concepts, the domestic printing and dyeing enterprises are slowly transforming. Within 2-3 years, the production of digital printing machines will become the mainstream of the market. The future market of digital printing is full of possibilities and great potential, let us wait and see!

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