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UV Flatbed Printer And Traditional Printing And Dyeing

With the continuous development of society, the individualized demand for printed products is constantly changing.This has led to a short cycle of various printing products, a rapid change in pattern, a small order quantity, and high production requirements and quality requirements.Therefore, the traditional printing equipment has gradually become unsuitable for the market. UV flatbed printers using digital printing technology have begun to take the place of traditional prints and are very popular. So what is digital printing?

Digital printing is the use of digital technology for color printing. Digital printing technology is a high-tech product integrating mechanical and computer electronic information technology with the continuous development of computer technology. The pattern is input into the computer through various digital means of scanning, digital photographs, images or computer processing, and then processed by the computer color separation printing system, and then transmitted to the UV printer by dedicated RIP software. Then, the nozzle directly injects ink onto various materials to obtain the various high-precision printing products required.

The promotion and application of digital printing technology has a major impact on the development and progress of the printing industry. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing processes, UV printers with digital printing technology have the following advantages:

1. The UV flatbed inkjet printer adopting digital printing technology has realized the production process of small batch and fast reaction. The production batch is not subject to any restrictions, and fully meets the customer's individualized and small batch production requirements.

2, the use of digital printing technology UV printer greatly shortens the original production process, saves manpower and material resources, reduces costs, production speed, can pick up more business in the same time.

3, the use of digital printing technology UV flatbed printer high-precision printing, color printing process without any complicated operations. The printing uses special ink, no water and color paste, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. The UV printer with digital printing technology breaks the limitation of color and material in traditional production, and can achieve high-grade color printing effect on any material.

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