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What are customized products?

Customized products means to modify or produce goods according to an individual or personal specifications or preference.

Nowadays, many famous brands start doing customization as their new marketing strategy. For example, famous retailers like UNIQLO on the t-shirt customizational printing service in this summer; Apple on the customizational name or word printing on iphone/ipad product service; wine company customizational service in printing customized bottles for wedding or other celebrating events; cake, chocolate, candy and other foods have customizational printings or drawing on cake, chocolate, candy to celebrate birthday, new borns, ceremony etc...

From above, there is a growing trend for business to have customized product line or services to earn market share and gain opportunities. In phychological concept, when people have more freedom to choose what they want and get excatly what they choose, they will gain more happiness. In market concept, people will always happy to pay more on the customisational products; hence, company will get more return on the customized product lines.

And here is the easiest way for company to provide customized products!

What you need is only a machine ---"DEM-JET digital printer"!

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