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What are the next trends of dye sublimation printing?

Of course the digital direct printing technology!

For sublimation although for per piece of printing ,the investment is tiny, however, it requires a continuos investment. Also, the printing process is very complicated. The sublimation paper is expensive, and you need to have different papers for different materials.

However, the inkjet digital printing machine is very easy and simple. You can print directly on materials or your products, all colors showing up in once just as simple as normal office printer that print on papers! You will just need one printer for all kinds of materials, easy operated with printing cost only USD0.04.

DEM-JET which is a manufacturer of digital printers that able to print on almost ALL kinds of products including:
1.Food (cake, chocolate, macarons, marshmallow, lollipop, cookies, bread, biscuit and etc.)
2.Cloth (T-shirt, shoe, bag, socks, textile, cap and etc.)
3.Others (mug, wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather, phone case, CD, stone, ceramic, tile, pvc, tpu, pen and etc.)

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