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Can I use one printer to print all products like t-shirt, food and hardmaterials?

The answer for this question is both yes and no.


If you have a uv printer, you can use it to print hard materials like ceramic tile, phone case, glass, stone, wood, plastic and other hard materials. And once you close the uv led system, it can be used to print garment like t-shirt, shoes, socks, caps, towels, bags or food products like macaron, cake, biscuit, bread, candy, lollipop etc...


As mentioned the printer can print on any kind of materials, however, for printing different materials, it use different types of inks. And a printer can only adopt one kind of ink at a time, which means if you want to print all, you will need to change whole ink supply system (printhead, CISS system and other related parts) when switching between products of different ink type.

Edible Ink For Food: (cake, chocolate, macarons, marshmallow, lollipop, cookies, bread, biscuit and etc.)

Textile Ink For Cloth: (t-shirt, shoe, bag, socks, textile, cap and etc.)

UV Ink For Others: (mug, wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather, phone case, CD, stone, ceramic, tile, pvc, tpu, pen and etc.)

The process will take time and also require high level skill. Human damage that is not included in one year guarranty might occur during the switching process and damage important parts.

ie: If you have a low printing volume, and only switch about once a month, and you think you can hendle the technique, then yes you can use one printer to print all kind of products. If not, we suggest you buy two printers.

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