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Do you provide free sample?

Yes, we provide free sample printing services, but you will need to pay for the shipping fee if necessary.

"For Materials"

1. To reduce your cost, we do have standard materials such as plastic card, glass cube, phone case, pen provided for FREE (max. 2 pieces for each customer, and please check the stock with our sales).

2. However, to make sure about the printing effect, we suggest you send us your own products for sample printing or tests, as different materials might have slightly difference in printing result.

3. Alternatively, to save your shipping cost, if you have special products to test, we can give you a quote of named materials. Once your payment received, we can buy named materials for you and then do sample printing tests.

"During Or After Sample Printing Test"

1. We can arrange video call with you before or during the printing test;

2. We can take video on the printing test and send to you after printing job finish;

3. We can take photos about the printing result and provide any details or statistics you need.

Please let us know about your detailed inquires by fill in the Online Inquiry Form or simply Contact Us!


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