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Warm Sharing Session on DEM-JET.

In order to provide more better service to our customers, DMBYC invested the best 10 employees in training course last week. Today we held a sharing session, let these participants sharing their valuable feelings and experience from the training course. Each of spokesperson spoke at the meeting actively and every attendees listened carefully and the surrounding feeling are very lively.

Below is a sharing idea about communication from an attendee .
“Whether you like to talk is a matter of your nature, but the power of your speaking is a matter of essence of communication.”
We always confuse the idea of communication. Like we often misunderstand these silent people as someone can not communicate with others effectively. But that is totally wrong. What is a real communication? Communication is not all one-way. Too many people fail to realize that communication goes in both directions. Communication stands on both persons within the conversation know what they need and deliver their ideas effectively.
So how to make your communication more effective? The importance is the way you speaking. Being true in what you say , being straight and clear is the key of communication.
As a salesperson, communication skill is essential. How to understand customer needs clearly and deliver your information effectively is the most important lesson. 

Thank for our colleagues shared their learning to us.
Our team is full of passion and responsible, we will keep learning to provide service to clients better, and we welcome you to come to our factory and look at our UV flatbed printers !


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