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What Is Multifunctional Inkjet Printer?Print Customised Gift

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing method, which recreate a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto surfaces like plastic, ceramic, garment and other objects. Our DEM-JET multifunctional inkjet printer has the following characters:

1. Easy operation:
You don’t need to set up the model and repeat the printing process, our inkjet printer is easy to operate and maintain.

2. Fast printing speed:
With a low cost in printing and high speed, our multifunctional printer is even suitable for factory manufacturing.

3. No limitation in material and shape:
Inkjet digital printer can print on almost all kinds of materials and shapes such as t-shirt, cake, phone case, usb, bottle, mug, plastic, ceramic etc.

4. Height adjustment and customization:
It can adjust the height automatically according to the object size.

5. High resolution:
Our multifunctional printer can print approximately 5760*1440 dpi and the outcome is UV resistant, water resistant and scratch resistant.

6. CISS ink system:
Continuous Ink Supply System make it easy fill the ink tanks and save ink by avoiding waste.

7. Multi-size:
We have inkjet printer from size A4 to size A0 with different functions, fits all your needs.

Our multifunctional printer is suitable for customized printing services. If you are doing customization in dtg t-shirt, phone case, mug, card, acrylic and other printing services, you will definite contact us, what we can offer is not only a machine, but also techniques, opportunities and fortune.

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