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What is the Advantage of UV Printing on Mobile Phone Case?

1, convenient direct printing

There are only three steps - cut your picture into suitable size, put phone case on print platform and then send print order from computer software.

2, all-color printing

UV printer uses multi-color ink and white ink, can print on any color phone case.

3, immediately dry after printing

Our UV printer is equiped with LED light, UV ink is drying immediatly when meet with the UV light.

4, durable scratch-resistant effect

UV ink is special, stability and durability is better than most printing ink. It can last forever indoor.

Here is a recommended printer.

Model: DEM-JET-A4 UV
Max. UV print size if this printer is 16 * 29.7 cm, it can print at least 3 mobile phone cases at one time.
Ink colors of this machine are CMYK+WW, can print on any color phone case.
Resolution is optional from 360 dpi to 5,760 dpi, can print out very accurate effect.
Print speed is fast, average costs less than 1 minute to print a phone case.

The lastest Continuous Ink Supply System makes it no need to replace ink cartridges, easy to use maintain.

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