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Choosing A Perfect Printer for Your Graphic Designs

Digital printer is an ideal machine for customized printing with your wonderful grahic designs. A good quality machine can definitely save your worry, time and money. We offer printers from A4 size to A0 size with different functions to meet various needs. However, what quick details should you know as a rookies of this printer? let's get technical.
There are something that will help you know more about printers.

1. Can this printer print on everything?
Generally, digital printer can print on almost of materials such as garment, phone case, wood, acrylic, metal, glass, ceramic tile, plastic, acrylic, leather , etc.
But the thing is, the print range is based on ink:
*When use textile ink, it can print on garment,
*When uses edible ink, it can print on food,
*When uses uv ink/eco-solvent ink, it can print on hard material such as wood, glass, acrylic...

2. Can this printer print on any color items?
The white ink can help print any color items with embossed effect. There are only UV ink and textile ink which support white color. NOT edible ink and eco-solvent ink.

3. What are needed if I want to start printing?
*For hard materials(Phone case, bottle, acrylic sheets...)
UV printer+ UV ink+ coating+ special jig(Help printing multi items per time)+ cleaning liquid+ RIP software.
*For garment:
Digital direct to garment printer+heat press machine+ textile ink+ pre-treatment liquid+ fixing agent+ t-shirt tray+ cleaning liquid+RIP software
*For food:
Digital printer+ edible ink+ cleaning liquid+ RIP software

4. What is the ink cost?
The low cost is very low: Take printing a t-shirt as an example, it costs about USD$0.09 of each. Please contact us for more details

5. What about the print speed?
Basically it only need about 111s for A4 full size, that means you can get a t-shirt or 3 phone cases... printed in 2 mins. But exact speed depends on the effect you want and printing resolution.

6. Does it only print on flat objects?
We have special cylindrical jig for printing cylinder such as wine bottles, tumblers, candles, etc.
360 degree seamless prints on cylinder is available.

DEM-JET was found in 2001 which creat, manufacturer and sell digitals printer for over 15 years. We aim at providing best quality of machines so that all clients can become more profitable.

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