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Direct to Print Picture on Cake with Your Brilliant Ideas

With the development of inkjet printing, you can do many things with inkjet printer. But now may be you can let your creativity go wild--- Is it available to print on cake? The answer is yes, you can print pictures on food as the decoration!

Edible ink printer is an innovate machine for customized food decoration. You can print any pictures, logos, texts, even sefies directly onto cake and even chocolate, macaroon, marshmallow, etc with food grade edible ink.

How does cake printer work?

- Prepare a blank cake that you want to print
- Download your loved picture that you want to print on.
- Edit picture you want and drag into RIP software.
- Give order on software and then start to print.
- Done

With just a few simple steps , you can print your own cake with all your creative and brilliant ideas, which definitely save more time by hands.

- Birthday cakes/ Anniversary cakes/ weddings, corporate giftsChristmas chocolates/ Customized macaroons/ Customized M&M, gums, marshmallows...

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