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UV Printing is the Easiest Way To Print Custom Bottles

DEM-JET series printers are good choices when it comes to bottle customization. It allows you to print any pictures, images, logos, texts, etc onto cylinders such as bottles, cans, jar and even bottle packages directly.

Compared with traditional cylindrical printing methods,DEM-JET offers many advantages such as minimal substrate preparation, free from plates, and more efficient printing time and customized one-time print capability. It is based on highly efficient UV LED curing system and high-speed print heads capable of printing C/M/Y/K/W, the printer can perfectly create full color, durable and vivid prints on cylindrical objects with a resolution up to 1440*720dpi. With special cylindrical jig, 360 degree all over image on bottle is possible.


* Beer & wine bottles
* Tumblers
* Cans
* Candles
* Tubes
* Cosmetic bottles
* Perfume bottles


DEM-JET is professional digital printer manufacturer with over 15 years experience in China, We aim at providing innovative products and helping our clients become more profitable.

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